Merlin - through the years

"The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men"


Merthur Graphic Meme -  Touching Scenes [2/2]

You’re certainly not.

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Merlin Meme:
Eight Relationships (Of All Kinds)  → Gwaine and Percival

"I failed." “No, you haven’t.”

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Parallels: Dean & Castiel // Merlin & Arthur

Merlin: ‘You could say there is a bond between us

Castiel: ‘Dean and I do share a more profound bond

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yeah right arthur we all saw the poison chalice and labyrinth of geldref we know that if merlin dies you’ll be chugging that potion to join him in the afterlife


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my friend and I were playing a drinking game whilst watching merlin where we had to drink every time the moustache we stuck on the screen aligned perfectly with someones face and it was just great

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why did you leave me in silence?

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1x13 / 5x13

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Merlin Commentary: 1x10 The Moment of Truth