2010 | 2014

Cockles and the rabbit x



Fan: When you are fighting in a war, that can create the strongest of all ties. Is that why Dean once told Castiel that they are like family? Do you feel that they are as close as real brother’s could be?

Jensen: uh, I’m gonna be serious for about ten seconds. I feel that they’re about as close as brothers- uh, as close as non brothers can be as far as a, uh, like war type, war buddies. Like guys that have been in the trenches and seen the dark side, have fought together, watched each other’s backs and there’s a kindred spirit between the two of them that they, you know, that they both- Cas chose free will. Dean constantly chooses free will. There’s this, this like-mindedness to the both of them. They are like… like brothers without the blood. Agreed?


Misha having a meltdown while Jensen is giving his answer is the kind of beauty that stars are made of.