I feel like I’ve been neglectful to Tumblr lately. I go through phases where I’m really into something (like making .gifs or even just being social) but then I just stop and get hooked on doing something else. Right now I’m back into my duct tape phase. 

My daughter’s birthday is today; she’s 12. For the past few days I’ve been making her this duct tape messenger bag purse thingy: 

It was really interesting to do the weaving for this. I need to attach the strap and then it’s done. It’s completely made out of duct tape except for when I put the on the strap, I use thread and buttons. She specifically requested that robot thing to be on whatever I made for her so. I think I’ll make her a matching wallet, but some time later. Graduating 6th grade, maybe. Do people give gifts for that?

Anyway. I still want to do a giveaway for that TARDIS bag, you know, for the 30 people interested in it. But I want to make a few more, just because I hate the idea of just one person winning. Also I want to put some up on Etsy as well as other things, because I’m broke (hint hint feel free to click the ads on my page) and would like to make more things to giveaway, but I might have to put that off. Whatever. As soon as I make those two other bags, then I’ll do the giveaway. 

Um. Yeah. This has been an update.

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