Anonymous asked you: What are your kids’ names? And how old are they? :) Best and worst thing about having kids?

From left to right: Sydney Amber (11), Melody Aliana (7), and Kyle Ashton (6)

The last question is really difficult for me to answer. Like, the best part is everything. I honestly don’t know how to answer that. Okay, I guess the worst thing for me is remembering everything, like school stuff, and doctor’s appointments, and who’s going to which birthday party. I don’t know. That sounds lame because it’s not really that bad, just the only thing I can think of right now. But I don’t think I’m the norm when it comes to parenting because I get weird looks whenever someone asks me if I get stressed out being a parent or if I need a ~break from them and I say no. Um am I supposed to get stressed out? Or want to be away from them? I mean, I’m not a crazy person who is obsessed with their children or anything. It’s just that my kids aren’t a burden. They are my life but they don’t hold me back or wear me down. I don’t understand why anyone would think that. It’s mostly because of them, though. I mean, I could talk about my kids all day and you wouldn’t understand. They are amazing and I am a much better person because of them.

  1. carlyjanees said: I want to compliment you on how you answered this. I think it’s amazing when people feel that way about their kids. Sometimes everyone needs a break, that’s a break you can have while they’re at school and other places. You seem like a great mom!
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